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Workshops: Portfolio
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Sound as a tool for World-Building
University of Sheffield, February 2021

An exploration and conversation into how sound can creating space, tension and worlds for theatrical audiences. The workshop was created for MA Theatre & Performance Studies students.

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Solo Performance, Sound and Technology
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, February 2021

An exploration into how text and sound can interplay to create a narrative. The students also devised their own text and sound based performance pieces. The workshop was created for BA Writing for Solo Performance students.

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Sonic Stories

Creator/Project Lead

Ensemble Week Project

Leeds Conservatoire, Jan-Feb 2021

Is it possible to tell a story without words? Sonic Stories will explore how we can adapt text to sound, and how sound can be just as powerful as words. Project for BA Actor/Actor Musicians.

Sound Waves

The Sound of You
Composition Workshop 
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, November 2020

An interrogation into the role that identity plays in the composition of sound. The workshop was created for MA/MFA Advance Theatre Practice students in the Composition Cluster. 


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Cyclical in Nature: A Practice of Performance and Sound
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, October 2020 & 2019

This workshop was created for the Postgraduate Induction series at Central. The workshop focused on my time in Advance Theatre Practice and the development of my practice.

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Do It Yourself: Creating Your Own Work and Pushing Beyond the Actor Box
Caspa Arts, August 2020

A presentation and workshop created for CASPA students, with the aim of teaching actors the importance of taking their careers in their hands and creating their own work.

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