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Exquisite Corpse

CoLab Sound Exhibit 

Fringe Arts Bath 2020

Sound Artist

The first collaboration of the 2020 CoLab Sound artists. For Exquisite Corpse, each artist shares an audio file, who passes it on to the next artist to remix who then passes it on again and so on. 

This video has a few of the remixes I did for the project. Featuring original sounds from: Luba Diduch, Ally Poole, Cyraco Cyborgartcollective, Nadia Berri, Neil Milton, Camilla Nelson, Roy Boswell, Laura and Clause Netz, Andy Newcombe, Sinmiloluwa Oyewale, Marley Treloar and Barry Despenza.


Don't Talk to Strangers

by Hot Cousin

VAULT Festival 2020

Performer & Sound Designer

What could be more romantic than giving your lover a mix tape? That’s what scientist Carl Sagan thought in 1977 when he compiled his Golden Record on behalf of all humanity and sent it shooting off into space in search of friendship, love and maybe more. Forty-two years later, why haven’t the aliens messaged us back? Is it because our message came across as arrogant, colonial and sexist? ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ is a disruptive parody of revisionist history - a story made by men but retold by women; four women on a collision course with our own problematic history. ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ is both an intersectional re-evaluation of this ground-breaking musical love letter and a trashy rom-com about us and the aliens.

'...a show that comes with a confident, one eyebrow slightly raised humour, and a structure in which repetition becomes a way of moving forward, making us see and hear differently.' -Lyn Gardner

4 Stars “Experimental theatre at its finest.” -The Spy in the Stalls 

4 Stars- “Funny, touching and hugely

  innovative.”-Everything Theatre 

“Experimental and of the more fascinating shows at the VAULT Festival.” -Ought to Be Clowns 



by Sarah Henley

VAULT Festival 2020

Sound Designer

 A new play by Sarah Henley and directed by Tori Allen-Martin. An odd-couple comedy about loneliness, grief, eccentricity, music & love. 


Broadway World UK- "With Ally Poole's sound design, the characters' music tastes overlap and break into each other, creating a sonic palette that heightens the similarity and divergence of the duo."

The 730 Review- "...combine theatrical elements such as...Ally Poole’s superb sound design." 


Screenshot 2019-10-13 at 17.17.38.png

A Tingle in the Plumbing: Four Stories of Love and Work

By Asher Dresner

Camden Fringe 2019

Sound Designer

This was a production that performed at the 2019 Camden Fringe. Directed by Stephanie Fuller, the sound design was composed of playful beats, including a space/rave, to reflect the various characters played in this four monologued one-woman show.

Screenshot 2019-10-13 at 17.24.13.png

She Sells Sea Shells

by Helen Eastman,

Scandal and Gallows Theatre

Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Sound Designer

This three-hander included a sound design that required a severe storm, a 18th century waltz and a vaudevillian presentation. Directed by Madeleine Skipsey, She Sells Sea Shells, ran the entire length of Fringe, sold out on many days and received several 5 and 4 star reviews.

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