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"The School of Theater and the College of Fine Arts are thrilled to announce its newest faculty addition, Ally Poole, in the performance program starting fall 2021. A multidisciplinary artist working between the US and the UK, Poole’s practice spans performance, sound art, film, musical theatre and opera.


"Co.Lab Sound is an experimental testbed for artists to develop new work and collaborate live. Informed by a long line of experimental music, sound art and performance, these events embrace the processes of improvisation and experimentation to showcase artists expanding the field of sound art and what it means to experience art live."

Ally has collaborated with the Cyborg Art Collective and other Co.Lab Sound Artists on Le Cadavre Exquis, Volume 1.

Ally project for the 2020 Fringe Arts Bath Festival, 45 Beats: A Soundwalk in the Dark, as well as other sound art collaborations are also featured on the site.


"Ally Poole is a multidisciplinary mixed media artist working and residing between the US and the UK. Most of her work revolves around artistic explorations of sound, race, politics and contemporary pop culture. She approaches her themes from various perspectives, be it installation, theatre performances, or mixed media.

Her project for the Virtual Residency is the creation of an audio-guided journey through aquatic landscapes named 45 Beats: A Water Walk. By incorporating theatrical styles of narrative Ally, will guide the audiences through a digital installation that bends the borders between the real and fictional and questions the structure of time."


"The Social Distancing Festival is an online artist’s community made to celebrate and showcase the work of the many artists around the world who have been affected by the need for social distancing that has come about due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)" 

The Festival featured Ally as an artist as well as her sound art piece, 45 Beats: A Soundwalk in the Dark

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