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Collaborations: Portfolio
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by Hot Cousin

Co-Collaborator, Performer and Sound Designer


Hello you. We’re making a brand new perfect place and you’re invited. You don’t even have to move. Or you can if you want. It will have everything you’ve ever wanted or needed or hoped for. It will have a light breeze and no borders and free concerts every night and a bunker located away from predicted submersion zones, known nuclear targets, and high crime anarchy zones. It will have everyone you love. We’re making it, and it’s going to be perfect. As soon as we can figure out how to protect the earth’s resources without getting rid of humans totally. As soon we can decide how to create wealth equality without staging a massacre of the bourgeoisie. As soon as we can figure out how we can call somewhere home when we probably stole it from somewhere else.

Then it will be perfect. 

Inspired Doomsday Preppers, Communist paradises and grandiose manifestos by grandiose people, we will become the dogmatic ideologues we’ve always admired and hated and try to build our own utopia, because we don’t want the planet to burn and we don’t want to be alone. Created in four homes, performed live and online, HOME is a love letter to a planet that’s crumbling and the people we miss. 

In development with HWY at La Boite Theatre
Developed with mentorship from Gob Squad


Don't Talk to Strangers

by Hot Cousin

VAULT Festival 2020

Co-Collaborator, Performer and Sound Designer

What could be more romantic than giving your lover a mix tape? That’s what scientist Carl Sagan thought in 1977 when he compiled his Golden Record on behalf of all humanity and sent it shooting off into space in search of friendship, love and maybe more. Forty-two years later, why haven’t the aliens messaged us back? Is it because our message came across as arrogant, colonial and sexist? ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ is a disruptive parody of revisionist history - a story made by men but retold by women; four women on a collision course with our own problematic history. ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ is both an intersectional re-evaluation of this ground-breaking musical love letter and a trashy rom-com about us and the aliens.

'...a show that comes with a confident, one eyebrow slightly raised humour, and a structure in which repetition becomes a way of moving forward, making us see and hear differently.' -Lyn Gardner

4 Stars “Experimental theatre at its finest.” -The Spy in the Stalls 

4 Stars- “Funny, touching and hugely

  innovative.”-Everything Theatre 

“Experimental and of the more fascinating shows at the VAULT Festival.” -Ought to Be Clowns 


"The Blue Hour" at the 2019 Prague Quadrennial

Co-Collaborator, Performer and Sound Designer

"The Blue Hour" was a collaborative, living instillation that ran the length of the 2019 Prague Quadrennial. "The project, based on intensive team work, brings together experienced artists with emerging designers to collaboratively create, will be led by renowned French visual new media artist Romain Tardy.  The curatorial team seeks to experiment with the shifting boundaries between the “non-material” or “virtual” and the “real” world, to explore the capacity of performance design to enlist technology in cultural production." (PQ 2019)

The instillation was comprised of lights, sound, experimental sound, textile, VR and project. I participated in the instillation as a member of the Experimental Sound Intensive group. 


Exquisite Corpse

CoLab Sound Exhibit 

Fringe Arts Bath 2020

Sound Artist

The first collaboration of the 2020 CoLab Sound artists. For Exquisite Corpse, each artist shares an audio file, who passes it on to the next artist to remix who then passes it on again and so on. 

This video has a few of the remixes I did for the project. Featuring original sounds from: Luba Diduch, Ally Poole, Cyraco Cyborgartcollective, Nadia Berri, Neil Milton, Camilla Nelson, Roy Boswell, Laura and Clause Netz, Andy Newcombe, Sinmiloluwa Oyewale, Marley Treloar and Barry Despenza.


Castles Palaces Castles

by Significant Other 

2019 Prague Quadrennial, Theatre N16, Studio 3 Arts and Shoebox Theatre Festival

Co-Collaborator, Performer and Sound Designer

In 1879, a French postman named Ferdinand Cheval began to build a palace he had seen in a dream. Using stones from the forest, he began to build, alone. It took him 33 years. In 1970, a woman from Hemel Hempstead decided to paint the inside of the Sistine Chapel on the walls of her council flat, using only her fingertips. It took her 40 years. She had never been to Italy. 

Using dream-like projections and a rich soundtrack, Significant Other explores where these compulsions come from. Half-way between memory and mirage, ‘Castles Palaces Castles’ shows a snapshot of a man’s journey in building his dream palace. 

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